Love Beer is a European campaign that pays tribute to independent, modern women who love beer. Women who know what they want and what they like and for whom beer fits perfectly their busy lifestyle.

Nowadays women play a critical role in our society having dramatically increased their influence in all domains: culture, the professions, sport and so on. They embody more and more key trend-leaders, their opinion inevitably having a real weight. Unsurprisingly this trend also extends to the consumption patterns of out-of-home social occasions, where women are increasingly the decision-makers about the entertainment and drink choice of the group.

Seemingly as the role of women has become broader, the perception of beer has evolved. Indeed the image of beer has changed: from an almost exclusively masculine-commoditized option to a world of choices, fitting diverse occasions and loved by women as well.

Love Beer campaign is exactly about women who love beer. It depicts appealing yet authentic and real women who enjoy the pleasures of life such as having a beer just when they feel like it. Love Beer captures their natural self-confidence and witty opinion on beer. It illustrates their inner-thought with a lot of humor and simplicity in both print and TV creatives adopting a subtle and delicate approach.

These women lead the social scene. Their hectic lives bring them to a multitude of diverse events where beer in all its variety is the perfect option. From the casual after-work drink with colleagues to gourmet dinner, from a moment of indulgence after sport to endless chat with friends in a nice bar.

Beer is unique, combining refreshment and good natural taste. It allies fun and authentic moments of conviviality. Like no other drink, beer connects people creating a warm atmosphere for fantastic moments where more than a conversation is shared.

Love Beer is a campaign promoted by The Brewers of Europe, Founded in 1958 and based in Brussels, The Brewers of Europe brings together national brewers’ associations from 29 European countries and provides a voice to represent the united interests of Europe’s 5000+ breweries.



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