It is undeniable that in modern society we are increasingly concerned about our lifestyle as we have become more passive, often sitting in the office and not being physically active the whole day. For this reason, there is a greater awareness about the way we live: how we spend our free time, what we eat and whether we do exercise.

Beer and active lifestyleSo what does beer have to do with this? And how does that seemingly odd pairing of “beer” and “lifestyle” fit together? If you think about it, beer’s main ingredients – water, malted cereals and hops – all come straight from nature. The importance we place on “authentic” products explains why we could wish to make some space for this drink in our contemporary lifestyle. Also, beer is a convivial drink enjoyed in all kinds of social settings, one whose range is constantly developing to meet the tastes and fit the contemporary lifestyles of every generation.

In fact, some movements are evolving which combine beer after physical activity, and in the following case, running.

Beer and running
Running has become widespread and an increasingly popular form of recreation. The number of running events is growing, and it would be very odd if you do not have people around you who run or participate in races. Going out for a beer with friends is another form of social recreation.

Tapping on this running trend and people’s wish to have a beer with friends, an athletic and social movement called Beer Runners has emerged, steadily growing in popularity in the US and across Europe. It combines the two actions: running and being social. In fact, the “beer runners” movement maintains that being social encourages more people to keep up with their fitness and running programme.

How, why and when?
The Beer Runners movement consists of both organised runs (5k -10k) and informal meet-ups. It attracts experienced runners (above legal drinking age), as well as beginners who love to run or simply want to stay fit, meet people and share an occasional beer together after the run.

The Beer Runners are men and women, adults of all ages and different athletic abilities. They meet up in parks, in the countryside or in any other place suitable for running within cities. They gather at the weekends, or during the lunch break at work or after work, as a way of doing exercise, meeting like-minded active people, and having fun. It’s a perfect excuse to fit the busy lives and get you off the treadmill (of work and solitary gym exertion), and into the great outdoors.

Twitter Beer RunnersSite Beer RunnersFacebook Beer RunnersThis movement is indicative of a new image and perception of beer consumers. The Runners love beer and love running, trampling the beer-bellied stereotype definitively under their sneaker-clad feet. As we have become more demanding about our tastes and activities and are increasingly conscious about our way of life, “beer running” offers something different, combining fun & fitness

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